Erasmus students love Berlin…like crazy!

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GafferDeluxe focuses once more on exchange students to satisfy our readers‘ curiosity. This time we decided to interview two erasmus students who are studying Modedign here at HTW.

Ever wondered what brings foreign students from all over the world to Berlin? Well then just go on reading to discover what two young ladies had to say about their Erasmus at HTW.

Paola Barrachina, València (Spain), EASD Valencia (Escola d’Art Superior i Disseny de València)

  • Why did you choose Berlin to study fashion?

I honestly choose Germany as the destination of Erasmus exchange programm beause I used to study german so i thought it was the perfect opportunity to practice and improve my knowledges. I choose Berlin between all the cities because i think it’s one of the most international and developed cities in Europe in terms of fashion, and in the end, that means learning new skills and a new culture.

  • Which differences have you noticed here at HTW from your home uni?

I haven’t noticed any difference between subjects, because both universities have the same ones, but i’ve seen there is a big difference in terms of finishing and presentation. I think HTW makes everything in a higher profesional way.

  • What’s the thing you like the most here at HTW?

I like mostly everything, I feel comfortable with what i do, I love fashion and I enjoy learning how to do, what i used to, in a different way.

  • Name something positive about Berlin.

I believe there is nothing similar to this city, it’s charming, you can find everything you desire, it’s amazing. It’s also one of the biggest cities I’ve ever been to, you can do everything here. I tihnk that everything here is positive, except for the weather!

  • Could you already speak german or are you learning it here?

I’ve studied german for 7 years but quit it about 4 years ago, so, I used to know pretty much but after such a long time I almost forgot everything. I think I understand it more than i can actually speak it, but I hope its just a matter of time till I get good at it again

Arundhati Madan, Brisbane (Australia), Queensland University of Technology (QUT)


  • Why did you choose berlin to study fashion?

I don’t have a very specific reason to be honest. When I heard it was an option I just found myself really excited by the idea. I’ve heard a lot of great things from friends, my uncle studied here in the 80s and my father lived here for a little bit of his childhood. I guess I thought I’d be really inspired being here.

  • Which differences have you noticed here at HTW from your home uni?

There are SO many differences. Our universities are completely different to each other. I find that there are a lot more facilities here, a lot more practical based subjects and opportunities for textile experimentation. Our university in Brisbane is different as it has a major focus on conceptual thinking from day one, and also has a much smaller intake of fashion design students each year though so there is a lot more one on one working with each other and the tutors.

Actually, because the layout is so different we are taking subjects from semesters 1 – 4 as our skills are at different levels at different areas.

  • What’s the thing you like the most here at HTW?

I’m excited about the facilities, I still am yet to try out different things but I feel like there is more space and more opportunity to really play. I am happy about the drawing classes I have chosen to enrol in. We didn’t have a strong offering as part of our degree.

  • Name something positive about Berlin

I loveeee it here! Its retoo difficult to list specific things! Actually every time any of my friends have asked I can’t answer with anything in particular. It’s just everything. There’s so much general activity happening and it’s such a liveable city. I feel as though I am constantly stimulated by everything around me.

  • Could you already speak german or are you learning it here?

Nooooo! I can’t speak German very well. I learnt in Primary School, a little bit in High School. I was tutored a little this year in Brisbane, then I did a short intensive course here before the one HTW gave us, but Ive actually found it really difficult to keep it up. I wanted to do the 2nd level beginnings class but for some reason they are only offering 1 and 3. I’ve thought about finding a tutor but it’s something that I just keep putting off. Ah, This is a subject that’s always lined with a little guilt!

So apparently everyone is here for a different reason but what’s undeniable is that Berlin inspires people. Students usually decide to go abroad to experience something new and if these students also happen to be young designers than they’re also looking for new inspirations and Berlin seems the place to be.

And what about you? If you’re not a Berliner, what brought you here?

Is there any exchange student among our readers?

Mara and Martina.

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