Halbzeit Modenschau: Behind the Scenes


Many of our loyal readers and contributors were present last night for the culmination of a winter’s worth of work presented at the Halbzeit Modenschau. Spearheaded by Prof. Anke Schloeder with support from Lasse Holger-Mitterhusen and Prof. Horst Fetzer, the event drew an audience of nearly 400 fashion enthusiasts and press reporters.


Anticipation mounting as the first models make their entrance on the catwalk

Behind the scenes is a world apart, and where the nuts and bolts of the creative process transform into a finished showpiece. Behind the scenes at Halbzeit was a team nearly 100 members strong; some with the project since its inception, others recruited along the way. This team worked long hours on a volunteer basis, exemplifying a true passion behind their work. The juxtaposition of many distinct creative styles was a hallmark of the show itself, and was the spark within the team that gave the show its energy.

The goal of the show was not only to present the designs, but also to practice the delicate balance of fashion show management. Here are a few first hand experiences from Halbzeit student designers:

„I think it entirely depends on one’s expectations. And honestly: it was an event planned entirely by us students. We do not have an unlimited budget and years of experience. Anyone who’s been behind the scenes of a fashion show knows, it simply never runs perfectly. Considering that, it was great.“ -A.M. (translated)

„…The ones who truly organized the event know the best, what a challenge it was. And the audience also really enjoyed it! … I would write what awesome people we have in the group that have organized this, and that they have given each of us the opportunity for amusement, that brief moment the model has the catwalk.“ -K.B. (translated)

Fashion is by its very nature controversial, what certain aspects of the Halbzeit Modenschau proved. But behind the scenes is a team which largely put controversy to rest and worked together toward a larger goal.

The team would like to thank the many volunteers which contributed to the success of the evening and put joy into the creative process throughout.

Written by Kristen Simmeth Ham


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