Tools of the Trade: Paul Knopf


Paul Knopf
Zossener Str. 10
10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Di. & Fr. 9°°- 18°°
Mi. & Do. 14°°- 18°°

Specialty store Paul Knopf is a button encrusted paradise. The towering floor-ceiling  display is the result of an enterprise over 30 years in the trade.

Finding the perfect button however, is never so difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. The selection is meticulously sorted and categorized by type, color, size and material. Once the client is ready to be pointed in the right direction, Paul Knopf and his staff assist to find the perfect choice, and it sometimes turns out to be an unexpected match.

To facilitate the selection process, customers are encouraged to bring along a fabric swatch and measurements,  or the specific garment.


Associate placing goods on a high shelf

Customization is the special service offered here. Covered fastenings may be produced to size, making for a particularly finished result on high fashion tailoring. Clients are requested to provide the dimensions for the buttonhole, as well as a swatch large enough from which to cut the desired amount of fastenings.

The button may be treated as an inspiration point from which to build a project around, as the finishing touch to a bespoke item, or as a simple utilitarian fix. They often are tiny objects; but as Paul Knopf proves, with a collective impact much larger than their small size suggests.

Written by Kristen Simmeth Ham

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