Bleaq – der Blog für düstere Kunst


Ich weiß nicht mehr wie, aber ich bin froh darüber das ich den Blog Bleaq entdeckt habe.
Auf den ersten Blick merkt man das dieser Blog vorzugsweise „gruselige“ Kunst vorstellt. Melancholisch, düster, verstörend, trist, unheimlich – so  lassen sich die präsentierten Werke am besten umschreiben. Vertreten sind die Kategorien Kunst (Malereien und Skulpturen), Fotografie, Illustration und Mode.


Ich war so dankbar und fasziniert über die Ansammlung dieser Kostbarkeiten, dass ich unbedingt wissen wollte wer dahinter steht. Wer regelmäßig Künstler, die genau meinen Geschmack treffen, vorstellt. Es ist Jantine, eine junge Frau aus den Niederlanden, die den Blog in ihrer Freizeit pflegt. Für Gaffer Deluxe habe ich ihr Fragen gestellt, deren Antworten mich selber brennend interessiert haben:

1. When and why did you establish Bleaq?

I started Bleaq as its known today, an art blog, in the summer of 2012. I’m a designer and have always loved and collected art, both online and offline. Before started I collected art in a folder called ‘Inspiration’ on my desktop. As a fan of lists and neat, well-ordered content you can image this wasn’t the best idea, so I started saving my inspiration online, on a Tumblr blog.

At that time I was a writer and photographer for an online music magazine. Unfortunately the magazine ceased to exist in 2010 and I started thinking of creating a blog. It took me two years to put my urge to write and my love for art together, but when I figured that out Bleaq was born. The Tumblr blog is a part of Bleaq now, you can find it on

2. What fascinates you about gloomy art?

That’s a good question! I love art in general because it’s so emotional: art can tell many things words never could. Next to that it’s incredibly personal: a piece of art can give you goosebumps and get under your skin whilst others might just pass it and don’t see what touches you. Things like that fascinate me.

How I developed my love for melancholy, the dark and the mysterious is hard to answer: I guess I just grew into in, it’s what my taste is like. I’ve been fascinated with spooky and magical books since I was a kid, love to wear black clothing, my favorite movies are sad ones and I love music that others might call depressing. I guess overall I love dark art because it’s so deeply emotional, and those emotions really get to me. Happiness is fantastic, I’m a happy person myself, but dark emotions are much more fascinating, deep and layered.

3. What are you doing if you’re not keeping the blog?

I work full time as a designer at an interactive agency. It’s my job to talk to clients, figure out what they (and their customer) wants and surprise them with a solid concept. Once the concept is there I create the user interface and visual design before my developing colleagues create a working website/application/etc. from my input. I really enjoy my profession and job, I’m happy to be able to make a living with having fun and being creative.

4. How much time do you invest in your blog?

I thought not that much, but now that I think of it quite a lot actually. I run Bleaq all by myself, so there’s a lot of things I need to do each week. I spend a full day every week to write the features for the upcoming week(s), reply to e-mails, get in touch with new artists and spend time on social media: scheduling updates and reply to people.

I don’t think it’s the actual blogging (writing the features) that takes most time: it’s everything around it that makes it a time consuming hobby. But it’s a fun and rewarding one, so don’t get scared to start your own blog! To clearly answer your question: altogether I think I spend 1/1,5 day a week on Bleaq.

5. Where did you find all those artists?

Online mostly. I love browsing art  on Pinterest and creative communities such as Behance, DeviantArt, 500PX and Flickr. I also get submissions from artists via Bleaq, a lot of great artist found me instead of the other way around! I find inspiration offline as well: I love visiting museums and galleries, go to art fairs and read art related books and magazines. Those are great sources of inspiration as well.

6. And are there any other blogs that inspires you?

Yes, I love reading blogs! Some of my favorites are FAIIINT, Beautiful Bizarre, I Need A Guide, Stuck with Pins, Casstronaut, Haute Macabre, The Order of the Good Death and Eye of a Druidess. I recently discovered Wyrd Word and Effigies, which is a magazine as well, and love the content Katie writes about on her blog.

… in this way: thank you again for answering the questions Jantine!!!

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