SADAK: pride in individuality


Usually, when people think about fashion of future, they imagine white cosmic uniform in some strange shape. Karl Lagerfeld once said, that everybody in 60s thought that in the future people will wear only white. The future came but the predicted fashion didn’t… So, let us leave this idea for ever!


This is true. Why do we forget about our cultural roots, when we think about the future? Why do we think that the ethnical forms will disappear completely? They always were and they will exist in the future as well, carrying through symbols, the history of the past, coded in some strange patterns.

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Talking about internships between the students of HTW-Berlin, I was very lucky to be introduced to the fashion art of the Berlin-based designer Sasa Kovacevic and his fashion label – SADAK.

His ethnic psychedelic ornaments, which were influenced by the Serbian roots of the designer, look so modern and unique! Besides, cut of his designs is quite innovative, it shapes the new modern proportions of the body. Here comes the new future generation, where everyone has his own identity. The heroes of the SADAK are brave young people, who do not afraid to be, who they really are. They are bright and dynamic, free and epotage, always sending us to some ancient culture, telling the stories of the past in a very modern way.


„Pride in individuality.“

– says Sasa Kovacevic – the stage and costume designer.

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His fashion contemporary art experiments started in Kunsthochschule Weißensee Berlin and in the time, when he studied stage and costume design at the Academy of Art in Belgrade. His artistic sense of the spirit of time develops constantly and sharpens into his own style, the one and only, unique and very recognizable.

sadak-3 sadak-10 sadak-13

In addition to designing for his own fashion label, Sasa designs costumes for various projects: films, theater and dance shows, working in Europe, Asia and US.

He has also been nominated for different European fashion awards, including Designer for Tomorrow, European Design Award, Baltic Fashion Award (Best Male Collection). Recently he presented his new collection on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. His works were published in WAD, Vogue and many other magazines.

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I am quite sure, my dear reader, that we are witnessing one of the most interesting artists of our time, who came from the future to show us, into what our culture will transform and evolve tomorrow. So, have a look at his web page. Enjoy!

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