SADAK: Backstage


As a lot of fashion blogs have said, the fashion label SADAK has once again slayed the runway of MBFWB. Dandy Diary wrote in their article, mentioning SADAK as one of the two best shows in Berlin Fashion week (which you can read here.)

And here are some unpublished backstage pictures from that day.

PhotoGrid_1436913554072 PhotoGrid_1436913217846 PhotoGrid_1436913270311

PhotoGrid_1436913312878 PhotoGrid_1436913356751 PhotoGrid_1436913403291 PhotoGrid_1436913444469 PhotoGrid_1436913498119  PhotoGrid_1436913597250 PhotoGrid_1436913652791

PhotoGrid_1436913887173PhotoGrid_1436913717572 PhotoGrid_1436913831692

PhotoGrid_1436913172101 PhotoGrid_1436914068497 PhotoGrid_1436914173670 PhotoGrid_1436914286458


Also some of the memorable looks from the show

Sadak_ss16_fy6 Sadak_ss16_fy9 Sadak_ss16_fy11

Sadak_ss16_fy17 Sadak_ss16_fy18 Sadak_ss16_fy20

if you wanna know more about SADAK, read our previous post about this Serbian designer and his Berlin based label here.

or visit their website here.

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