An interview with the designer Gabriella Marina Gonzalez



The most interesting question, what inspired you to be a designer?

I have been designing since I was very young. I think this sort of expression runs in my family because it felt like fire in my blood. It was as if the choice was not my own but an impulse or energy from another time evoking me. As much as I tried to do other things this is were I really felt at home time and time again.


Your Wedges really stand out in the collection „Clothing for the Emotionally Dispossessed“. Just how tall are they?

 They are four inches in the front and seven in the back so they give you an all around towering posture.
Can your fashion be found in your closet?
Of course, My style is the only thing I know, trust and can afford.
What’s your favorite article of clothing for this season?
I always have two pairs of brothel creepers, a day one and a night one. This means a clean pair and an absolutely mangled pair.
Where did you do your studies?
Central Saint Martin B.A Women’s Wear, and that was interesting to say the least.
Your current place of residence?
I have lived in London since 2004 and travel to Miami to visit my family when ever the account allows but It has been over a year. Actually, I will be visiting my family in a month and I am very excited about seeing my grandparents and family.
How do you plan to make your label more well known?
It was almost an accident. I have no desire to be “ known“ in that context. I think I have a very modest way of thinking about how I want to have publicity as I want to keep my work sacred and non-mainstream. Slowly but surely stylist, magazines and Blogs are catching on and I love the one on one relationship I have with these people. It keeps the work personal and I want to enjoy this while I can.
What do you want your clothing to say to others? What is its cause?
I want to be respected for my art form and for the nature of hand cutting and making everything entirely myself. I want to create items that people keep forever. Not hear today gone tomorrow trends that don’t remain an important part of fashion history.
Do you design Men’s Accessories?
I would say A/W10 had a lot of uni sex pieces and they have been shot on both men and women. I am definitely intending on focusing on men more at some point.
What kind of woman could we see wearing your clothes?
The kind of girl who is not scared of anything, I want my accessories to give an added sense of strength and protection to the wearer.
Do you think your fashion is easy to accept?
I get funny looks on a regular basis, especially by fashionista, they think I’m homeless or a scum bag. Good, I can spend more time focusing on my work and less time at parties being judged.
What does fashion mean to you?
For me it is a way of testing social norms. I want to intercept it and say “ In case you didn’t know everyone, Its o.k to be in fashion and not be fake or manipulative“
How can I buy parts of your collection?

Everything is available at Machice-A boutique, 60 Berwick St, Soho, London. if your international you can give an order quire on

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