Sneak Peek // NEO.FASHION IMPULS_04 Graduate SHOW


One more week till the Impuls_04 Show takes place.

On Saturday, the 28th of October, Fashion design Bachelor and Master Graduates of the HTW Berlin show their Graduation Collections as a part of the legendary Graduate Show Impuls_04.

Scroll down to get impressions of what will happen at the Impuls_04 Show:



A powerful collection inspired by how surroundings influence the human mind. ⠀
Berlin based designer Cornelia Anne Sobik strongly believes in the immense strength of human intuition.



Lennart Meyer’s graduate collection is inspired by his appreciation for high quality fabrics, clarity and pragmatism.





„The future is a creative process. Many things are possible and a lot is undefined.“ That’s why Franziska Link pours all her knowledge into her future vision of fashion.




Anna Böttge’s fashion drawings display her love for minimalist design and colorful palette. When she’s done with her studies her main goal is to keep up the fun while working and stay true to her great inspiration, Italy.




Elisabeth von der Thannen, cofounder of @hashtagdmkk as well as costume designer, is mainly inspired by the people close to her and by things that effect her private life. Seems like an interesting life to us!




Nadja Luge’s bachelor collection THE UNKNOWN is inspired by artic and martian textures as well as architectural silhouettes. The contrast between oversized and tight fits combined with applications and smocked details, creates a charming tension.




Maria Bohn pushes limits when designing in search of the truthful. She wants to be her own boss and creates what she does for women who want the same.




Indonesia born @don_aretino ’s work oscillates between fashion, costume design and dance performance. Or let’s just say: It’s mesmerizing art.




Sebastian Nißl’s designs and drawings express his longing to create signs of his time. He loves to excite his fellow human beings with his work.




Gianna Antonia Eichler designs are inspired by various subcultures. She likes to experiment with different elements from deathcore to techno – her design aesthetic is mixture of anything that comes from beyond the mainstream.




Designs that are inspired by the world of streetwear combined with the passion for print design: Senta Behringers master collection „re-patterned“ is a women’s as well as men’s collection in which well-known patterns are newly interpreted, developed and transformed in a modern way.



To get an overview over all of the Designers showing their work at Impuls_04, visit :

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