Chicy Cleptomanic – Contemporary Menswear 6. Semester


Last Tuesday the 6. semester presented their menswear collection as part of a show room on our campus. The group designed an united collection called Chicy Cleptomanic. Every designer created one outfit regarding one of the four subcategories: Unusual Business; Urban Intrinsic; The Overlook Hotel ;Stacked Skin, Smooth Touch. They functioned like a small fashion business putting a lot of effort not only in design, but also in marketing, PR and branding.

This event was a great combination of contemporary fashion, cool music and booze.



Below you can find the description of the collection.

A diverse range of materials, loud colours, eccentric silhouet- tes. Playing with the contrast of classical menswear patterns and innovative, functional elements, chicy cleptomanic functions as an unconventional but wearable brand for the open – minded, spirited wearer. Four di erent lines form a multifaceted collection linked by one shared mindset.


Playing with layers and hidden details to emphasize the contrast between the inside and the outsi- de, the collection re ects on how we perceive our surroundings in di erent ways. Extravagant clo- thing combined with a subtle cor- porate identity. Funky, e ort- less, sophisticated.

Empty brackets symbolize the mis- sing – but also they form free space for expansion.

Vivacious, impulsive, living in the moment. Where nothing is xed everything is possible.

You can also download the brandbook for more insights here.

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