Behind the Scenes of Photo-shooting the 4th Semester Projects


Am Sonntag, 21. Januar fand das Fotoshootings der Projekte von 4. Semester statt. Das Thema ist „ZEN-SUAL“ und die Farbpalette ist in Rottönen gehalten.

Hier ist der Fotobericht von “ Behind the Scenes“des Shooting

Fotograf: M.S.
Visagistin: Rabea

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Chicy Cleptomanic – Contemporary Menswear 6. Semester


Last Tuesday the 6. semester presented their menswear collection as part of a show room on our campus. The group designed an united collection called Chicy Cleptomanic. Every designer created one outfit regarding one of the four subcategories: Unusual Business; Urban Intrinsic; The Overlook Hotel ;Stacked Skin, Smooth Touch. They functioned like a small fashion business putting a lot of effort not only in design, but also in marketing, PR and branding.

This event was a great combination of contemporary fashion, cool music and booze.